October 11th 2021

Halloween Games at Home

If you’re throwing a Halloween party this year, or simply want to celebrate the spookiest month of the year at home, there are lots of fun activities you can enjoy with friends and family! Here at Coquet Cottages, we’ve put together a list of Halloween games to enjoy with the kids.

1.) Halloween Scavenger Hunt

The little ones will love this game.! All you have to do is hide a variety of Halloween items throughout your home and garden, and ask the kids to find them all. Whoever finds them all the quickest is the winner! Click here to download and print our Halloween Scavenger Hunt sheet.







2.) Pin the Spider on the Web

This is such a simple yet classic game. To play, draw a spiderweb on paper and stick the paper on the wall. Cut out a spider for each player, and add some double-sided sticky tape to the back. Each play has a turn at trying to pin the spider on the web, and whoever gets closest to the centre of the web wins a treat!


3.) Halloween Bowling

This game is great for getting your creative side working, as well as making a great game for the family to enjoy! To create your bowling pins, paint scary Halloween characters on tin cans, then stack them up. Roll a ball or a small pumpkin to see if you can knock them down in one go. Alternatively, if you don’t want to use tin cans, you could turn toilet rolls into your bowling pins.

 Video Sourced From: Crayola via YouTube

4.) Mummy Wrapping

You’ll love this fun activity as you try to beat your opponents. To play, separate into teams of 2 or 3, and choose who will be the mummy. Grab your toilet paper and wrap your mummy as fast as you can. The first team to completely wrap their mummy is the winner!


5.) Pumpkin Golf

Looking to create something different with your pumpkin this year? Why not create a goal and play a game of pumpkin golf? See the tutorial below, and then let your creative side get to work and you could even add some obstacles for a bigger challenge.

Video Sourced From: A Girl and A Glue Gun via YouTube

Whether you’re dressing up, enjoying crafts or trying one of the games above, we’d love to see your photos! Head to our Facebook Page to share your experiences.

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Happy Halloween!

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