Changes to our cleaning protocols in light of the risks of Covid-19

Goog to Go Visit England COVID-19 Accreditation Scheme
We’ve developed a robust cleaning protocol for all our properties to ensure the safety of everyone – guests, owners and staff – and have been accredited by VisitEngland as ‘Good To go’.

This means that we meet the government and industry COVID-19 standard guidelines set by VisitEngland, with processes in place to maintain high cleaning standards and aid social distancing.

Cleaning Protocols – Covid-19


How have we prepared your holiday property for you?

We have developed this protocol for the safety of everyone and have undertaken the nationally recognised certification scheme called ‘We’re Good To Go’ by Visit England.

Your arrival

Contactless entry – our usual procedures still apply. You will be provided with instructions to retrieve your keys from a key safe at or near to the property. These will have been sanitised before your arrival.

Revised arrival and departure times –At most of our properties arrival is from 6pm and departure is before 9am. These times have been extended to accommodate the extra cleaning protocols we have introduced to clean and sanitise the property prior to your arrival, primarily for your own safety but also to provide a safe working environment for our staff. However, where it’s possible to do so, some properties may be able to be ready a little sooner and/or departure may be a little later, so please check the webpage for your property for the precise arrival and departure times.

Please do not arrive any earlier to the property as you will be refused entry. Housekeepers have been advised not to answer the door for safety reasons.  Please don’t disturb them whilst they work hard to prepare the property for your own safety and comfort. If there is no-one at the property at an earlier time this does NOT mean the property is safe and ready for occupation, there could be housekeepers or tradesman returning to complete tasks.   You will receive a text message to advise you if the property happens to be ready any sooner than the time stated on the webpage, so keep your phone handy if you arrive in the area before the time stated on the webpage.

Earlier Arrival/Later Departure Requests – whilst we would normally do our best to accommodate these, please appreciate that for the foreseeable future we are unable to accommodate earlier arrival or later departure requests. This is due to rigid housekeeping schedules to accommodate the Covid-19 cleaning protocol.  If the property is ready significantly earlier, the housekeeper or owner will contact the lead guest by mobile, if a number has been provided.

Arriving through communal areas – the property you are staying in may involve passing through a communal space. This could be a corridor with access to other properties, an entrance hallway or in an apartment block, but check your specific arrival instructions if you are unsure of the access arrangements to your front door. Please ensure you bring gloves and a face mask with you to wear whilst you pass through any communal areas, as elderly and vulnerable residents will pass through the communal space. If there is any hand sanitiser available, please use it

Hand Sanitiser – this will be provided in every property, either via a wall-mounted dispenser or a table-top pump action dispenser. Please use it upon arrival.  Kindly do not remove from the property.

Essentials – we have provided slightly more essentials than usual, such as toilet roll, kitchen roll and dishwasher tablets. For your own safety, we may have removed cooking oil, salt, and pepper. If they remain in the cupboard, use at your own discretion.

Welcome Hamper – our usual hamper may have been altered to ensure all products are safe for you to handle and consume. Whilst the hamper is entirely complimentary, please be rest assured that any alterations have been done for your own safety
Complimentary toiletries – we have been working to use refillable bottles instead of single use plastics. However, some properties may have temporarily chosen to use single use plastics for hygiene purposes.

Guest Information File – regular guests will notice our usual comprehensive ring-binder file has been replaced with laminated sheets that are easy to sanitise and the information has been compacted. We have made use of QR codes to take you to our website, which contains more information – all the information that was in the original guest information folders.

De-cluttering the Property – High-touch objects – we have made efforts to reduce the amount of things in the property that are difficult to sanitise between occupants, such as extra cushions, throws, difficult-to-clean ornaments, some books and board games.

Books and board games – you may find some books and board games will have been left in the property. These physically cannot be sanitised between uses, so use these at your own discretion, or alternatively bring your own books and games with you. A sign may be fixed to anything that cannot be sanitised but has been left in the property for you to use at your own discretion.

Kitchen – Regular-use items – we have segregated certain items in the kitchen that we believe will be used most frequently. This may include for example, a selection of glassware, cutlery, crockery, bakeware, and utensils. Those items will have been washed in the dishwasher before your arrival. However, everything else usually provided in the kitchen will still be available for your own use but will be clearly labelled to say they are deemed to be clean but not sanitised. You can then use these items at your discretion or place in the dishwasher before use.

Kitchen cupboard signage – you will see that some kitchen cupboards may have signs on them, as well as other areas around the property. These are to inform you that certain items are clean but not sanitised.

Kitchen cupboard contents – the cupboards have been rearranged to accommodate separating the regularly used items. This will aid the housekeeper to sanitise the inside of the cupboard and place all items into the dishwasher upon your departure. Therefore, please do not mix up the contacts of the kitchen cupboards, as every effort has been made to provide some sanitised items for you to use immediately upon your arrival.

Dishwasher – depending on the size of the property (and the dishwasher) it may not be possible for the housekeepers to empty the dishwasher before their departure, if there is more than one cycle needed. Therefore, there may be items in the dishwasher upon your arrival that are clean.

Linens and Towels – towels – all towels are washed on a minimum of 60 degrees as standard.

Bed linen – all bedding will either be washed at 60 degrees or will be left to stand for 72 hours before washing if the fabric is unsuitable to wash at more than 40 degrees. All mattress and pillow protectors will be changed between occupants and go through the same washing procedure as the bedding.

Removing bedding before departure – please remove all bedding and mattress protectors from the beds, but do not remove mattress encasements or comfort pads that are underneath additional mattress protectors which are laundered after use. Gather all towels, bathrobes, tea towels, bathmats, and any other items you have used into the laundry bags provided on the morning of your departure. We kindly ask you to comply with this request for the safety of our housekeepers. Please see more information about ‘Your Departure’ below.

Cleaning Procedure
Cleaning Checklist – all housekeeping staff have been provided with a housekeeping checklist.

Hand Sanitiser – a bottle of hand sanitiser will be provided in every property. Please don’t remove from the property or take home with you, it is for use in the property only.

Cleaning Materials for your own use – a cleaning product containing disinfectant will be provided under the sink for your own use during your holiday, as well as other regular products, however we recommend you bring your own products that you are comfortable in using.  HOWEVER PLEASE DO NOT BRING OR USE BLEACH it is unnecessary when a more suitable disinfecting product that will not cause damage to furnishings is provided in the property for you.   If any damage is found to be caused to the property through the misuse of bleach there will be a charge made for replacement of the item.

Specialist cleaning products – all our owners and housekeepers, during the changeover cleaning, use cleaning products that are viricidal and certified to BS EN 14476.   We have recommended to all owners that in their properties they provide general-use cleaning products certified to BS EN 1276 which is a general anti-bacterial agent and/or BS EN 14476 which is anti-viricidal and certified to be able to disable the Coronavirus that causes Covid-19.  However you are recommended to bring your favoured cleaning spray (not bleach) if it’s what you are used to using at home and have confidence in it.

Housekeeper PPE – our housekeeping staff have been advised to wear disposable aprons, eye protection, gloves, and a face mask. This is for your protection, as well as theirs. Used PPE will be taken away with them, not disposed in the refuse bin at the property.

Keeping our staff safe – the use of PPE and our changes in arrival and departure times is to reduce contact between yourself and anyone else, so please respect this when considering arriving earlier to a property. Please don’t be alarmed if the housekeeping staff are working inside and they do not answer the door, as they are considering your safety as well as their own. Please be mindful that the extra measures being taken are to ensure you have a comfortable holiday with us, so thank you for your patience.


Your departure – what we ask you to take responsibility for

For the safety of our staff, we kindly ask that you complete the following upon your departure:

Empty all bins – please bag up and empty all bins in the property and take to the refuse bin/communal bins.

Bag up all used laundry – please use the laundry bags provided and gather all used bedding, mattress protectors, towels, tea towels, oven gloves, bathmats, and any other used laundry items.

Mattress encasements – please ensure you do not remove any mattress encasements or comfort pads from the bed, only the mattress protectors. These have been provided as an extra-precautionary measure and they take 2 persons and a long time to remove and replace them. Please do not attempt to remove these under any circumstances they are misted with viricidal spray between lets.

Place any used items through the dishwasher – during your holiday please wash as much as you can using the dishwasher. It is not a problem if the dishwasher has been set away upon your departure, the housekeeping team will empty it upon arrival.

Ensure you depart on timeplease ensure you depart by no later than 9am, as this could compromise the duties of the housekeeping team and impact on the next guest’s arrival to their holiday.

Thank you very much for your compliance which helps enormously in providing a safe and comfortable holiday home for all guests to enjoy.

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