Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any baby equipment available such as cots, highchairs, etc?

We have a range of baby equipment available to hire at many of our properties at no extra cost, including cots, highchairs, stair gates and some properties have sterilisers, changing mats, toddler steps and bed guards.   Any equipment that is available at a particular property will be detailed in the Facts and Features section of the property webpage and must be requested a minimum of 7 days before your stay.   All equipment is provided at your own risk, so please satisfy yourself with the operation and quality of it before use.  Stair gates may already be fitted if they are the ‘permanantly fixed’ type, otherwise portable stair gates may be provided which will be left for you to easily fit yourself upon your arrival at the property (no tools required).  This is to ensure, for safety reasons, you are satisfied with the fitting with having done it yourself, and you should check to ensure the fittings remain tight at all times throughout your stay.

Usually many properties also have a few toys to suit a range of ages.  This is more likely to be at the family-sized properties.  The one-bedroomed properties which are usually occupied by couples are unlikely to have any children’s toys available. However, please be aware that with the current restrictions brought about by the Covid pandemic, most if not all toys will have been removed from the holiday properties, so please bring your own from home during this time.